Christmas Letter 2019

Christmas 2019

Magnant|116 River Chase|Hendersonville, TN 37075

Merry Christmas to all ;

This has been a busy year for all of the Magnant family. In late 2018 I accepted a new position with HCA, that required a move to Nashville, TN. We spent Christmas last year with my sister Asunta and family. All our decorations were packed and on a truck to Hendersonville, so this year the decorations were all set up before Thanksgiving. As we unpacked all the boxes there was little damage and it was good to see all the trimmings again.

January was a busy month as we moved into our new home. When planning our move we agreed a smaller house and small yard, We found a house that we loved and it has a yard that requires a riding lawn mower and a push mower to manage. Mike traveled back to Tampa to participate in the Rough Riders Gasparilla parade. For me I had the opportunity to travel more than in my past job. Mike’s Mom Jean, turned 103.

February we spent most of the month continuing to organize the house, finding doctors, hair dressers, dentists and learning how to get to work with a GPS. Harper turned 1 and she is quite a beauty, She is on the move constantly now and can hold her own climbing and playing with her brothers

March I had the opportunity to travel to West Palm for work and a great deal of other travel. Also In March we had the chance to catch up with Michele and Lester Gooding, our family from the West Indies, they live close by and we have had the chance to establish a closer relationship.

April more work on the house and more travel for me.

May attended the wedding of our niece Courtney and Eric Rudder. Family had the opportunity to get together again and enjoy a special moment.

Mason turned three, He can make a sentence, knows what he wants and can ask for what he wants, Loves to follow his Dad around and tries to do all that his Dad does.

June time for another mission trip to Nizao, Dominican Republic to finish staining furniture and painting parts of the church and the fence.

June and July additional time with Mason, Harper and Anthony. We take walks, play ball, go to the park, and swim. Anthony turned 9 years old and is excelling at art in school.

In July had an opportunity due to my travel to visit with Anne Harn and family. We were stationed together when Bryce and Reese were in diapers. We had the chance to catch up and it was like yesterday.

August is the family time at Englewood Sea Oats Resort, we have been going there since forever. The Blanchard’s, and friends join us. We have been going so long that we have most of the units on the week that we go.

September had the opportunity to spend time with the Mason, a very busy little boy who loves to be outside.

There is some white space here, so Mike is adding links to three websites that he is working with. His Friend Ken Greenfield, a World Wart I militaria collector and seller. Take a look at his website. Also The Gratest is a wonderful Garlic grater we found at the Nashville Home Show.

Last you should look at St James the Less in Madison.

October Halloween and decorating our home, craft shows, more travel. Also started work on our basement, Alexa is running most of the outlets and switches we use daily.


November traveled to Tampa to help with the Whistle Stop Craft and Vendor Show, stayed with my sister Asunta. Also Traveled to Indianapolis for Thanksgiving with Bryce. Visited as much family as we could see and Jean, who is doing great.

Laughed so hard, Mike came away hoarse, tried an Indy Air BnB. Homey!

December pics of the Magnant Family. Asunta, Tom, Kathleen, Mike, Bryce and I will be traveling to New York for a Christmas Holiday. Then onto Disney World to celebrate Christmas and Crystal’s Birthday.


Happy Holidays to all from the Magnant Family

Pat & Mike & Maggie

Mike Magnant

My I.T. Person – Social Media & Website Management

(Veteran Owned Small Business)

Hendersonville, TN and Nashville Area


Good Morning

Many things to be done today and more important prioritization to ensure the effort made is valuable and focused on future goals. A few weeks ago with the help of David Sharpe, I filled in a business plan and while it is here on my desk somewhere, without focus and accountability it will never happen.

Help me Lord to take another step on my path in the right direction and help me to choose wisely when a fork appears.

I took a free class and purchased access to another. No value in either yet.

Here is the part where the magic happens.

Mike Magnant

My I.T. Person – Social Media & Website Management

(Veteran Owned Small Business)

Hendersonville, TN and Nashville Area


Let’s work together to get you more customers

Good Morning,

Next week we are in the DR and so this week I am taking a deep breath to ensure my stamina is maximized for the effort. We expect to be preparing the walls in the social hall on the second floor of the church.

All appointments begin after we return. The good news, in most cases the appointments can be accomplished remotely if desired, in most cases I hope to be present at your business location, using your computer to accomplish the initial configuration mostly to ensure you have ownership of each element and minimally a vague understanding of how the elements are linked together. It is most important we agree on several business concepts and the budget for the next few weeks at a minimum.

It has taken me years to amass the tools and expert confidence that allows me to offer this service. Knowing it can work and making it work are two very different things and I have never knowingly charged anyone for a service that it could not make work. So as smoothly as your computers have worked in the past….

Today I can say with confidence we can find new customers for you in a very economical way.



The ability to focus through a process

Good Morning,

While working at my desk the temptation to switch focus from one task to another is so great, that I can easily come in contact with 10 to 15 different websites tabs and 6 or more paper items on my desk without finishing any of them. In my defense, one or two items per hour are at least moved further toward completion but…

The time spent with the Vehicle Inspection Program taught me, to get the money, then do the tests and then provide the customer with the completed report. A simple three-stage process that required many steps all in 4 minutes or less from customer arrival to customer departure.

Over the last 18 years or so of consulting and repairing networks and computers, my tendency was to complete the “easy” stages or at least the first few steps of the second phase without ensuring the job was completed.

2019 and the future are going to be different. First I am going to catalog the areas of service I am going to provide and for each service the cost.

Starting today 6/7/2019 I am only going to do work after the service has been agreed to and paid for.

For each service, I will determine the price, create a checklist of the steps needed. And define the expected results the service will provide for the customer.

My focus once again will be creating a retainer-based service this time I will provide website traffic and customers for my customers thru the use of social media and the Internet.



When folks sell items on the TV

First nobody gives anything away so when it says the 2nd one is free, realize the cost of the product and some profit must be made to pay for the commercials and shipping.

The reason you rarely see the shipping and handling charge posted is because everyone is so excited to get the product and the Free second item, they often overlook the charge as a necessary evil. I found one example, Free Perfect Slicer – 2 Pack less than 5 ozs of weight $15.99 P&H.

When the item has free shipping, you can bet it is included in the 3 easy payments.

Mike Magnant

App Development


There are several businesses in Brandon and many in Tampa with an App on Google. I am thinking your should be next but my backlog is already 6 weeks, so think about it and let me know.  Just like it was essential for business to be available in some form on the Internet and so you have launched a webpage, To reach out to your customers (who now may ignore your emails) you can push informaiton to theri phone with an app.  Even better they are now longer $5-7K each.  Until the end of May 2017, each page of your app is an amazing price, so low we need to discuss it ONLY after you are committed and we have basically designed your app.